Canine Bowen

The Canine Bowen Technique is never imposed on dogs. In all situations, the dog is given free choice to say “no” to specific moves or to having Bowen at all and is not restricted in freedom to move at any time.

Key to Canine Bowen, is listening to and working in partnership with the dog to create a relationship of trust to maximise the effect of the technique.

The Canine Bowen Technique is a complementary therapy, it is not an alternative to veterinary care. Before I begin Canine Bowen treatment with each dog, I gain veterinary agreement to collaborate with me in the best interest of your dog.

Canine Bowen never diagnoses nor interferes with prescribed medication. It does not treat directly over the site of injury or surgery, but rather works with the dog holistically to enhance healing. It is useful in addressing compensatory strain in muscles that are having to do more of their share of the work during the period of recovery from injury or surgery.

Canine Bowen works to channel the dog’s own resources so that it’s body can determine how to heal itself. Thus, the Canine Bowen Technique can be almost all-embracing in they type of conditions and problems that it treats.

Canine Bowen can be used in various ways:

  • as a remedial technique; or
  • it can be used for maintenance and general well being in elderly dogs; or
  • it can be used for injury avoidance, muscle tone, skeletal alignment and general health in active working dogs or dogs engaged in agility, field trailing or obedience competitions.

What can Canine Bowen treat?

Conditions which are commonly presented at Canine Bowen Technique sessions include:

  • Allergies and Skin conditions

  • Anxiety-based fearfulness

  • Arthritis and Muscular Sprains & Strains

  • Back problems

  • Chronic conditions

  • Cystitis & Urinary Tract disorders

  • Degenerative disease

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia

  • Lameness and other gait problems

  • Palliative care

  • Peak Performance for Competitions and Shows

  • Rebalancing, Relaxation, Wellbeing

  • Recurrent ear problems

  • Rescue / rehomed dogs

  • Sciatica

  • Stress and anxiety disorders/behaviours

  • Sports Injury

  • Working dogs

Canine Bowen session at my address £45
Canine Bowen session at your address* £40
Dog and owner £65
Family of dogs £60
Frequent Flyer* £35

*Depending on distance a surcharge may be applicable.
Cancellation policy – 24 hours notice.

Canine Bowen Session

A Canine Bowen session lasts about an hour. I will need to physically assess your dog, build a relationship of trust with your dog and discuss, with you, your dog’s history and its general life before any hands-on work is done.

Canine Bowen does not involve the 2 minute breaks that characterise Human Bowen because dog’s are more in touch with their bodies and have less “traffic” cramming their central nervous system. Some dogs might chose to take a break and wander off – this is normal and needs to be allowed and indicates that your dog needs that time to process a move.

No commands are issued and your dog is not restrained in any way, it is treated on the floor in its bed or on the mattress I use for Bowen. Ultimately, it must not be compromised in anyway and allowed absolute choice as to whether it wants to have Bowen or not.

Sessions should coincide with periods of rest in the dog’s normal life, i.e not when they are getting excited about an impending walk or meal. Sessions should involve the least amount of disruption possible.

Your dog can be treated in my home or in yours – the merits of either option will be discussed with you and also depend on distance involved. I work within a radius of about 45 miles of Taynuilt.

While each body takes as long as it needs to heal, it is recommended that 3 sessions are standard to achieve lasting results.

A vet collaboration consent will need to be signed before your dog has Canine Bowen treatment.

Canine Consent Form