Human Bowen Testimonials

Georgie has helped me no end with problems with my calf and lower back. After a few sessions, I now have a better posture, no back pain and no pain in my lower leg. The Bowen is also very relaxing. Great, thanks.

Alan, Age 52

I can highly recommend Georgie. I had a painful shoulder injury approximately 15 years ago and have tried various treatments to alleviate the resulting pain. I was in complete agony when I first saw Georgie who is the most kind and warm person. On the 4th week, I had a Eureka moment which felt like water rushing through an untidy, gnarly hose, straightening it out – what relief and what a difference it has made. I am most grateful for what she has done.

Gail Brach, Age 51

Sometimes you meet someone that puts you at ease and you feel able to ask all the questions that seem a bit daft, well this was my experience of meeting Georgie. Having tried various medical strategies and pharmaceutical and homeopathic remedies too, I was quite resigned to more decades of kidney problems, so I was open to try Bowen Therapy. I didn’t really know much about it or how it might help, but I felt assured by her knowledge and honesty as much as her skills. I realise there are lots of potential variables but I did feel more balanced and recharged following my sessions with Georgie, and didn’t have any kidney problems for quite a while so I would definitely try it again.

Fiona, Age 46

Georgie is very professional. She listened to me carefully and tailored her therapy to me. I particularly liked the relaxed feeling after the sessions. And my wrist no longer hurts.

Simone, Age 42

Georgie has such a lovely manner and lightness of touch that works wonders.  My back feels good–really stable, less tight and stiff .  I’ve started running a few times a week…just wee 20-30 min runs…feeling good!  Thank you so much for your help

Emma, Heartfelt Change: stress management coach, holder of space for meditation

Canine Bowen Testimonials

Penny, an elderly Border Terrier with a heart murmur and increasing deafness, derives much benefit from her Bowen sessions with Georgie, throughout which she co-operates happily and from which she emerges as a playful puppy with increased alertness through improved hearing and with marked and lasting benefits to her general health, fitness and enjoyment of life.

Penny, Lle Owner of Penny

Georgie works so well with dogs – Fergus was relaxed during his treatment to the point of looking as if he were in a trance-like state! The treatment seemed to loosen him up quite a bit in the days following. Thank you! (hip dysplasia and arthritis)

Fergus, Kristin Buckholz owner of Fergus

Georgie worked on my 2 year old Whippet bitch, Olive, who had been very unwell. Within a week, she had come into season (after 1½ years absence) and has continued to improve and is in top health. She adores Georgie.

Olive, Bridget Allen Owner of Olive

My dog Toots immediately gave in to the soothing approach of Georgie. I find her extremely knowledgeable and caring and a fabulous Bowen Therapist. I highly recommend her. (atopy problems and anxiety)

Toots, Rie Emmers Owner of Toots